Trash or treasure?

Stuff. Old stuff. Some people have a lot of it. Some have little. Some, like me, have no space in which to keep it, which keeps the limit down. We all, though, however small or large our dwellings, seem to have room in our lives for stuff that w...

Blog surfing while nesting

Hi friends! Sorry for my absence, but I'm 30 weeks pregnant and suffering from the most insane bout of nesting. Ever. On record. No seriously, I think my husband is just about ready to leave me, save his guilty conscience. And maybe he loves me still...

I'm jonesing for some Little People

When I think of childhood, I think of hours upon hours of playing alone with my grandma's "Little People" set. She had the yellow school bus and, honestly, I probably spent more time playing with it than anything else. What is even more special is kn...

A very educational computer

When I got started in the computer industry, computers were big and expensive. They were kept in air conditioned rooms behind huge glass windows. I learned to write programs in COBOL and BASIC on a DEC PDP-11/70. It was a wonderful thing, to be able ...

Vintage computing on display

Are your kids used to hearing you start off a response with "Why, in my day..."? Are you into computers? Do you want to show your kids what real computers were like, back when all you had were ones and zeros and you were happy to have them? Well then...

Buntings for spring

It may be this is one of the last remaining simple and lovely decorations Martha Stewart has not yet co-opted (at least, I don't see it on her website). It's strangely hard to find many people online who are doing this, even though it's an easy and f...


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