Sorry, Tom & Jerry, Cartoon Violence Doesn't Reel Kids In, Study Finds

Credit: Amazon So, the Road Runner regularly blows up Wile E. Coyote with Acme explosives. And Tom? He's always taking a frying pan to the face from that rascal Jerry. As for the hijinks that go on between Itchy and Scratchy from "The ...Hold the avils! Kids don't actually love violent TV shows.

Reading, Playing and Bonding With Children Staves Off Violence, Study Finds

Reading your child a book may stop them from being violent. Credit: Getty Images Want to take extra measures to prevent your kid from growing up to be a bully? Try reading him a book or taking him to the playground for some parent-chil...Study shows bonding with mom can also raise a kid's IQ.

Tune Out: Pediatricians Issue New Guidelines for Entertainment Media

The AAP says to limit your kid's screen time to two hours a day. Credit: Getty Images
Quick: How many gadgets does your kid have? Between iPods, computers, handheld games, televisions, video games and the like, we're guessing it's hard to keep...
Average kids spends more than seven hours a day watching TV and using computers, phones and other electronic devices for entertainment. The only thing they spend more time doing? Sleeping.

Amazing Dad: Gary Cuccia

Gary Cuccia advocates for teen dating violence education in schools, in memory of his daughter, Demi Brae, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Credit: Courtesy of Gary Cuccia
Amazing Dad: Dr. Gary Cuccia, founder of the Demi Brae Cuccia Aware...

How 'CSI' Changed Parenting

Ever wonder why your parents let you play outside and maybe even walk to piano lessons, but now those things seem incredibly scary? The answer could be "CSI." Well, not just "CSI," but the fact is: when we watch scary shows like it, and "Law &am...

Mortality Rates Much Higher for Teen Moms

Teen pregnancy, which folks like to think is a thing of the past, is, in fact, quite the opposite, particularly in developing nations. Turns out, it's also very dangerous, for both mother and child. According to the United Nation's annual children's ...

Beware the Sound of Games

If you've got teens who are big into video games, especially shoot-em-ups, you might want to suggest they turn the sound down while they're playing. It seems two young men in Denmark were playing a violent video game on their Playstation recently and...

Reborn Dolls - Just Like Having a Real Baby?

Remember in high school sex ed class when you had to take care of an egg? The experience was supposed to give you a little taste of what parenthood was like, as you tried to keep the egg from getting lost or broken. Now that I'm a parent I can say th...

Study Finds Children Overmedicated on Purpose

It sounds like an episode from CSI. In fact, if I recall correctly, it was an episode of CSI. A child meets an untimely end due to being overmedicated with cough syrup. Why? The parents wanted her to calm down or be quiet or some such thing. It sou...

Violent Video Games Alter Boys' Heart Rates, Sleep

Scientists in Sweden have found that violent video games affect boys' heart rate -- both during play and during sleep afterwards -- more than non-violent games. For the study, the boys were given two video games to play at home in the evening while t...

Mark Wahlberg bans kids from his movies

Big Daddy Mark Wahlberg has recently admitted to banning his children from watching his films. The reason for this? No, not because some of his films are not so hot (The Happening, anyone?) but because some of them are a little, er, risque. The main...

Teen shot over toilet paper prank

Back when I was a kid, the worst thing that could happen if you got caught toilet papering a house was a call to your parents. Times have changed and the risks of childish pranks have changed with them. On Sunday, a 14-year-old was shot while he and ...

Looney Tunes get bloody in art exhibition

Those classic cartoons we loved as children may have been violent, but they could have been much worse. When Bugs Bunny gets shoved off a cliff, he doesn't splatter into bloody pieces. He just gets up and walks away from the bunny-shaped indentation ...

Rhode Island to teach about dating violence

Three years ago, Lindsay Burke didn't know about abusive relationships and it cost her her life. She was killed by her boyfriend who was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. Lindsay Burke may not have recognized the signs...

Grand Theft Auto inspires real murder

Opponents of violent video games often express concern that impressionable players may try recreate the violent crimes of the games they play in the real world. On the flip side, others feel that violent video games are harmless and in fact provide a...


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