Violent Video Games Alter Boys' Heart Rates, Sleep

Scientists in Sweden have found that violent video games affect boys' heart rate -- both during play and during sleep afterwards -- more than non-violent games. For the study, the boys were given two video games to play at home in the evening while t...

Naomi Campbell claims fallopian tube operation saved her life

Recently we at ParentDish reported to you that Naomi Campbell was ready to be a mom now that she's had some secretive corrective surgery to help her conceive. well, now all the walls are down and Campbell is being extremely open and detailed with ...

Are the MPAA's screwed up?

Been to the movies lately? My guess is that, if you did, the film was either animated and/or part of the Disney franchise, one that was full of violence and/or gore, or one that was full of sex. That's basically because most movies out there, at le...

Are you raising a serial killer?

Do you remember the Pearl Jam video for the song "Jeremy?" The video and the song were both about an angry little boy who, to be blunt, takes a gun in to class and blows himself up. I was reminded of that video when I'd just brought my newborn baby...


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