Teens Who Skip Breakfast More Likely To Have Sex Earlier

You know that business about breakfast being the most important meal of the day? You probably heard it as a child and are now repeating it to your own child. Good for you! Breakfast is important . Studies show that kids who skip the morning meal are ...

Waiting for sex -- not good either

I don't think anyone will read this and decide we need to add sex to the high school curriculum (well, except maybe high school students), but it is an interesting finding. A new study shows that those who wait before becoming sexually active are mor...

It's not bad to be good

As much as we love to trash celebs, there's a little part of us that dies every time we rejoice at a story that features a trashy, hooched-up starlet or socialite. Deep down, we worry about our own daughters, sisters, neices and granddaughters growin...


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