Keep an Eye on That Cough: Respiratory Virus Reaches Epidemic Levels in Florida

Respiratory syncytial virus can be dangerous for babies and children younger than 2. Credit: Getty Images
If your little one's cough seems to be getting worse, it may be time to visit the doctor, as it could signal something more serious than jus...
When a cough gets worse, it might be more than just the common cold.

Free Antibiotics Do More Harm Than Good?

The pharmacy in my local grocery store is currently offering free antibiotics as part of a health and wellness initiative. To promote the freebies, signs reading "You didn't pay for the germs. Why pay for the antibiotics?" are on display throughout t...

Mumps on the rise in the U.S.

The mumps are making a comeback in the United States. I mean the disease, not a post-modern punk band. The disease rose to an alarming rate in 2006, and it is feared it may take decades to eradicate it from this country. These findings come despit...

When big disappointments come early

This past weekend was supposed to be spent amongst the Redwoods with Jared's classmates on an easy camping trip. Jared and Sara both were looking forward to it, as I was. After some initial troubles, we had a campsite and my stove, lanterns, and poke...

How to stop your kids from spreading their germs

I woke up at 2 o'clock in the morning Thursday to the sound of my toddler, crying from her room. She had come down with a "stomach virus" and had soiled both herself and the bed. My husband and I got her into the bathtub, where the vomiting began. Th...

Torturing my child

Yesterday, I had to take Jared to the dermatologist. It turns out that he has pretty dry skin which is the perfect habitat for an annoying little virus called molluscum contagiosum. Basically, he's got bumps on his skin. Generally, it resolves itself...

Eradicating polio leaves people defenseless

Last week, I described an article on the need for measles immunization. Many of you had differing comments on the article; I appreciate your remarks. While the eradication of measles is not all that major a health problem, polio is. And polio is figh...

Ask Blogging Baby: taking a not-very-sick child to the museum?

My three-year-old, Everett, has had a fever on and off for the past 10 days. I think it's a virus - my pediatrician's office doesn't ask to see the kids until the fever has gone on for two whole weeks. And, most of the time, he's fine. Last night was...

Have your child cuddle up to a giant microbe

Presenting the Museum of Modern Art's Giant Microbes:  fluffy stuffed toys made to look like microbes, "only a million times bigger"!  These were developed as a part of MoMA's SAFE exhibition, and each microbe comes with an image ...


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