Is Your Child's School Asking For Too Much Of Your Time?

Are you giving so much of your time that you don't have any left for yourself? Credit: Getty Images
Many moms are being asked to do too much at their child's school, causing a lot of parents to just say no. In this tough economy, there is an i...
Many moms are being asked to do too much at their child's school, causing a lot of parents to just say no.

Amazing Dad: Andy Moore

Dr. Andy Moore, second from left, with his extended family in Lexington, Kentucky. Credit: Courtesy of Cecilia Hill
Amazing Dad: Dr. Andy Moore, founder of Surgery on Sunday, a program that offers free surgical care to uninsured patients in K...

Not Volunteering Enough at Your Kid's School? Go Straight to the Principal's Office!

Should volunteering be mandatory? Credit: Getty Images
Parents in San Jose, Calif., who thought their days of being graded with a check, check-plus or check-minus were far behind them, may soon face the ink of a teacher's red pen on...

We Are the World

Help them make a change. Credit: Serena & Lily
Did you know that if you baked 20 cookies and sold them for $1 each, you could raise enough money to donate a flock of chickens and feed a family of five for one year? Neither did we, until we ...

Mother Nature Shuts Down Seattle Toys for Tots

After teaching for years in low-income areas, I've seen first hand the joy that Toys for Tots can bring to struggling families. The toys were often distributed right from school, relieved parents knowing that they'd have something special under the t...

Should Parents be Required to Volunteer at School?

One of the benefits of working from home is having a flexible schedule. Not only does this allow me to take care of my personal business during business hours, it gives me the opportunity to volunteer at Ellie's school on a regular basis. This, along...

Requiring volunteers

A school district in southern Maine has generated some debate by proposing that students complete ten hours of community service a year in order to graduate. Some are saying that forced volunteerism is not volunteerism at all and will not do the kids...

Volunteering ideas for Spring Break

I've read a few blogs recently that discussed "winter break," a concept that is completely foreign to me. A break? In winter? Didn't you just have Christmas break? Since I'm confused on the concept of "winter break" (I think these people are also the...

Raising a caregiver

On Thursday nights, Jared, Sara, and I volunteer at a local nursing home for a couple of hours. Jared and Sara are too little to help -- though they both want to help push the wheelchairs -- but the residents love to see them. Even if we did nothing ...


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