Amazing Dad: Andy Moore

Dr. Andy Moore, second from left, with his extended family in Lexington, Kentucky. Credit: Courtesy of Cecilia Hill
Amazing Dad: Dr. Andy Moore, founder of Surgery on Sunday, a program that offers free surgical care to uninsured patients in K...

Colorado Teens Volunteer to Offer Friendship, One Person at a Time

Mike Jerome, a member of The Revolution Group, helps out at a park in Grand Junction, Colo. Credit: Courtesy of Tawasi, the Central High School Yearbook
Believe it or not, some high school students are interested in more than daily popularity con...

10 Ways to Teach Your Kids Compassion

Craig Kielburger became famous when, at only twelve years old, he founded a charitable organization to fight child exploitation called Free the Children. Since its humble beginnings in the Kielburger family home in 1995, Free the Children has develop...


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