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Kids Who Watch TV Are More Aggressive, Study Shows

Young children who watch television may become aggressive later on. Credit: Imbecillsallad, Flickr
Watching TV is not good for young children, according to a new study. A new report suggests that tuning into television puts 3-year-olds at a ...

Kids Addicted to TV - How Bad?

Having a hard time prying the kids away from the TV? Credit: Getty Images
"It's not like they watch a ton of TV. It's just that they love it so much. My kids are allowed to watch one hour a night, from 7 to 8 p.m.," said a mom of two elementar...

Questionable cartoons: how do you make the call?

My son Everett loves his TV, and I usually let him watch for an hour or two in the morning while I'm getting work done and my husband is cleaning house (love that!). Our typical fare: Backyardigans, Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go, Little Einsteins,...


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