water balloons 

Pumponator Water Balloon Toy

Pump up the summer fun with a water balloon fight. Credit: Pumponator.com
This toy is so gonna pump (clap) your kids up this summer.
Can you say water balloon fight? The Pumponator, a pumping station for filling balloons with water ...
Did somebody say water balloon fight?

How to Play: Cold Potato

Pass it along. Credit: ecstaticist, Flickr
What you need: You will need a few water balloons. How to play: Have the children sit in a circle outdoors. They will pass the "cold potato", or water balloon around the circle by tossing the water ba...

How to Play: Water Balloon Volley

Splash! Credit: eflon, Flickr
What you need: You will need a bucket full of water balloons and beach towels. A volleyball net is optional. How to play: Divide the children into two teams, and then pair up team members. Give each pair a beach t...

Justin Bieber Soaks His Fans With a Waterguns

PRODUCTION PLAYER! DO NOT DELETE. Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber emerged from his tour bus tossing more than just his trademark hair swoop, but a handful of water balloons. The heartthrob du jour also doused a gaggle of shrieking tween...

Blogging Baby Size 6: Turning off the TV and computer

We notice such a vast difference in our kids in terms of their behavior, their calmness, and their creativity when we force them to turn off all of the screens in the house (as Mary P. calls them): The TV and computer screens. We usually let them pla...

Blogging Baby Size 6: Toddlers and water activities

I have made no secret of the fact that my toddler kicks my butt everyday as I try to keep up with him and all his needs. Having been a working-outside-of-the-home mother with my other two, I am truly struggling as a work-from-home mom with this one. ...


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