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Two Headed Curly Serpent Raft

Pool fun takes on a slithering new toy. Credit: Amazon.com
They say two heads are better than one, and when it comes to this water toy, we definitely agree.
The Two Headed Curly Serpent raft from Swimline is sure to add some...
Kids will have a blast as they splash around with this beast of a raft.

Top 10 Toys for Surf and Sand

When the sun is blazing, staying dry outside just isn't an option. Adding water toys to the mix can make the outdoors bearable -- and even enjoyable! From slip 'n' sides to water floats, this guide has everything your kids need to beat the heat and...From slip n' sides to water floats, this guide has everything your kids need to beat the heat and have fun in the sun!

Splash Bombs 8-Piece Pool Party Pack

Splash Bombs offer fun in the sun. Credit: Toysrus.com Getting your stuff together for a day at the pool or beach can feel like packing for two-week road trip. Towels, suits, sunscreen, munchies, water bottles, water wings, toys ......Make a splash by toting along these water toys.

The Subskate, revisited

Earlier today, I wrote about the amazing Toypedo. It's kind of the Energizer bunny of pool toys -- it just keeps going and going. Interestingly, the Toypedo is made by Swimways who also makes the Subskate I asked about a while back. Well, we decided...

Reason #17 to have a swimming pool: an inflatable iceberg

By way of the Sci-Fi channel's website (even though the rotten so-and-so's have cancelled Stargate!), I found this pretty cool inflatable iceberg. Basically, you blow it up and you've got fourteen feet of climbing (of varying difficulty, although it...


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