Watermelon Baby Video is a Slice of Juicy Fun

We've eaten our way through a bag of Ruffles on more than one occasion. A pint of Ben & Jerry's? Please. That's child's play. But gnawing through an entire watermelon? Well, that's new. We couldn't help but laugh -- and acquire a major h...

Diuretics and pregnancy

It would seem common sense that a pregnant woman would not take diuretics during pregnancy. Diuretics are often used in weight loss bids, usually to null or sometimes dangerous affect. More often than not pregnant women are trying to gain weight, n...

Dailydish - Make chores a family affair

Have each family member tackle his or her task list at the same time....

101 new options for picnic food fun (but are they kid-friendly?)

It's officially summer. To me that means long evenings, watermelon and picnics. Preferably watermelon served all day at the picnic and into the long evening. While I never grow tired of picnic food--burgers, potato salad and pasta salad come to mind...

Scorpion hides in watermelon bin, bites girl

Ah, the hidden dangers of watermelon. When I was a kid, and I'm sure you've heard this story too, I was told that if I ate watermelon seeds a watermelon would grow inside my stomach. Although that story appears to be untrue I will say I've been eat...

ParentDish Size Six: summer joys, for kids only

Summer used to be endless. The days stretched out in a lazy, endless horizon, with nothing obstructing the sheer joy of sprinklers, kick the can, cream soda slurpees. In recent years I haven't noticed summer much. Generally, I work right through it, ...

Maggie Gyllenhaal's strange cravings

I have heard of ice cream and pickles and rocky road ice cream, but I've never heard of tiramisu and watermelon. Apparently, the latter two were the only two items pregnant actress Maggie Gyllenhaal could tolerate during her first trimester of pregna...

Feed your children warm watermelon!

A summer ritual for many American families is to serve ice-cold watermelon on a hot day. Scientists reporting in the August 9 issue of the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, however, found that watermelon is healthier when stored at room temp...


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