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SafetyClicks helps parents and kids navigate the web

When my generation of parents were growing up, computers were the size of minvans and no one had a cell phone. Today, kids tote laptops to camp and preschoolers know how to text. It's a brave new world. It can also be a scary new world when your kid ...

Twitter alerted world to student's arrest

Do you know Twitter? I didn't, either, really until a few weeks ago. I'd heard rumblings about it, of course -- anecdotal evidence of its totally addictive nature. Twitter is like mini blogging: a way of keeping friends in the loop on what you're do...

TotSpot: Social publishing for the short crowd

Well, I suppose it was bound to happen. With the success of MySpace and Facebook, the popularity of parenting blogs and a whole generation that'll learn to use a mouse before they learn to jumprope, TotSpot is bringing social publishing to the presch...


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AOL Answers is no longer available.

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