Kids' Virtual Worlds Explored

Virtual worlds are computer-based simulated environments to inhabit and interact via characters of computer users' alter egos or self-representations. These characters are called avatars, which can be a two-dimensional picture or a three-dimensional ...

Reviews: What's New This Week

Here is a look at what's new this week in family entertainment as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media. Click on the links to read the reviews in full. In Theaters Now: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Other than the food that ...

Barbie Banned in West Virginia?

It's such a shame that, after 50 years, yet another Barbie boycott is on the horizon. Sure, generations of parents have refused to forgive the doll's blatant disregard for real women's figures. But here's one lawmaker in West Virginia ready to take t...

Regular stuffed animals vs webkinz

Slate, MSN's somewhat edgy editorial column, has a new article up by Emily Bazelon, an author who writes about parenting. I've been reading her stuff for a while, well, mainly because she's funny and doesn't take herself, or parenting, too seriousl...

Meet me in Webkinz World

For some time now, Ellie has been wanting a Webkinz. For the uninitiated, Webkinz are these cute little stuffed creatures that you buy in the real world and play with in a virtual one. Online, you 'adopt' your pet and set it up in its very own room. ...

Kiddie virtual worlds: prepare to be inundated

On the very top of Ellie's Christmas wish list was the Barbie Girls MP3 player that doubles as a USB key. The key unlocks some of the extra-special fun stuff to be found on BarbieGirls.com. Without the key, her activities on the site are limited. Wit...

Webkinz virtual pets captivate kids

Whatever happened to dolls and trucks? With this generation's wired kids, toys are not the simple items they used to be. A panel of kids have recently rated "Webkinz" as one of the best toys for value, reliability, and straight out fun. I'd never hea...


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