Median age for marriage hits peak

Men and women are waiting longer than ever before to tie the knot, according to new data from the U.S. Census, which indicates that the median age for marrying is 26 for women and 28 for men. That's the highest median age since the the Census started...

Funeral etiquette - Take the kids, or leave them home?

My husband's aunt passed away recently, after a long illness. She had lived across the street from us when both of our children were born, and used to send dinner every so often. Her husband would bring the boys Hot Wheels cars and various other toys...

Should children be banned from weddings?

When you think of the perfect wedding, does it include children? It does for me. When my cousin married recently, she involved every one of her nieces and nephews and made it clear that children were welcome. My girls sat quietly during the ceremony ...

Jaime Pressly avoiding the rigmarole of a wedding

Add actress Jaime Pressly to the list of unwed-and-happy celebrity moms. She and her boyfriend Eric Cubiche became parents to son Dezi James 8 months ago, but have no plans get married. "If I could like put a ring on his finger, and have it just be ...

Get married for 99 cents

If you have kids, chances are you're either married, have been married, or are at least thinking about tying the knot. However, in spite of the legal benefits, there are plenty of reasons not to get hitched -- one of which is the money. But that conc...

Parenting social faux pas

My best friend's wedding was on the weekend. She was elegant, her groom was handsome, the ceremony was heartfelt and I ate three bowls of delicious pudding cake. It was pretty much perfect, in other words, except when it came to the speeches. The gro...

Affleck and Phoenix wed

The season for weddings is upon us, and young Hollywood is no exception for this. Most recently Casey Affleck, 30, and Summer Phoenix, 28, have tied the knot. The couple have been engaged since 2003 and have a 2-year-old son, Indiana August, together...


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