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Does Parenting Make Being Healthy - and Thin - Too Hard?

They say nothing really changes when you turn 40. It's true. It's 41 that's the kicker. I turned 41 last December and have since experienced all sorts of surprising changes, like hair where once there was none and eyes -- eyes which have always se...Are you happy in the skin you are in?

3 Reasons to Stop Skipping Breakfast: Simple Meal Ideas Kids Will Love

Dear Karla, I've heard so many times that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day," but I am the mother of three kids, all under seven years of age, and have to depart to work before they even wake up in the morning. This leaves my husband ...

26 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

You'll grow about 1/2 inch per week throughout the rest of your pregnancy. Credit: GE Healthcare You're almost there -- just 14 weeks to go! If your baby were born now, there's a very good chance he'd survive: 80 percent of babies born...

Pregnant Obese Women Shouldn't Gain Weight, Study Suggests

Experts disagree on weight gain guidelines. Credit: Tobyotter, Flickr
A four-year study, launched in October by Kaiser Permanente, has begun working with obese pregnant women to ensure that they gain little or no additional weight during preg...

Expert obstetrician suggests pregnant women should gain less weight

And then he ducks, as pregnant women everywhere throw handfuls of Doritos his way in disgust. Current guidelines for weight gain in pregnancy recommend that all women, even those who are overweight or obese, gain at least 15 pounds during the pregnan...

How much weight should a pregnant woman gain?

For some of us, becoming pregnant is like being handed a license to eat whatever we want, whenever we want. I personally only gained about 25 pounds when I was pregnant, but I gained it all within the first three months. After that initial free-for-a...

Shanna Moakler: Kids are worth it

Former Playboy playmate and actress Shanna Moakler says that having kids is worth the post-baby body. In fact, she loves how her body has changed since giving birth to eight-year-old Atiana (whose father is boxer Oscar De La Hoya), three-year-old Lan...

Men gain pregnancy weight too, apparently

Everyone now and then I hear an anecdote about how men have sympathetic "symptoms" of pregnancy while their partner is expecting. Honestly, I always figured it was because that guy was trying so hard to be involved in the process that he went overboa...

The weight issue, it plagues even the most glamorous

For most of us our weight is an ongoing issue, rare is the woman who is completely at home in her skin. The battle can be a legitimate one if the weight gain causes health problems, but for some women societal pressures are the issue. A recent exampl...

About pregnant women, baking, and butter

Once upon a time pregnant women ate anything they liked. Then came the late 70s, when many women were advised to gain no more than 15 pounds. It would be so hard to lose it! Luckily, we as a society, and the medical profession, came around and sugges...


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