wet nurse 

Tainted formula leads to rise in wet nurses in China

The recent news about tainted baby formula in China is heartbreaking. Over 53,000 children have fallen ill; four have died. The crisis have left Chinese parents scrambling for safe food for their infants, and some are turning to an old-fashioned prac...

Cross Nursing - Natural extension or disgusting and weird?

We're all familiar with the "breast is best" campaign, but some women are taking their commitment to nursing far beyond the comfort zone of others. Experts have noted an increase in cross-nursing, the breastfeeding of a baby other than your own. Acco...

The breastfeeding black market

I remember when my milk first came in. I looked like I had implants. In fact, I had more milk than my babe could get down. I recall thinking that I could easily feed another hungry child with the overflow. I feel like I haven't heard the term "wet...


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