what kids say 

Out of the mouths of our babes: Powerpuff Girls and potty mouths

Everett loves the Power Puff Girls, and who wouldn't at age three? They're adventurous, they're zany, they have gigantic eyes that zap things. His babysitter loves them too, so they watch together, giggling over the strange and hairy antics. Today he...

I don't think that means... what YOU think it means

I'm so jealous at you! says Everett. He's upset at his babysitter for not packing his Burgerville cards in their box. That's inconsable! he says angrily when his brother tries to eat his favorite DVD advertising insert (all the Thomas videos availabl...

Annual letters from the kids on NPR

Jeff Horwich from Minnesota Public Radio wondered, if the kids wrote the traditional annual family letter, what would they talk about? A couple of the highlights: "People don't call me little kid, and I feel like I stand up to bullies more.....


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