Common Allergy Culprits in Children

Dear Karla, My son has eczema all over his face and very bad asthma. Do you think it could be the milk he is drinking? Amanda Amanda, In Canada, 12 - 25 per cent of children suffer from eczema, with 90 per cent of cases occurring before a chi...

Diplomats set new safety standards for formula, nuts and gluten

Diplomats in Geneva recently set new limits on the amount of certain kinds of bacteria allowable in baby formula as well as the level of natural toxins in some types of nuts. They also tackled the amount of gluten permissible in products labeled 'gl...

(Mis)Adventures in Food Allergies

I never had to deal with allergies of any type until a few years ago, when my daughter started having troubles with dairy. While she eventually outgrew her allergy, my son is still going strong with his. Just the other day, we had the official blood ...


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