Whining Driving You Crazy? It's Also Making You Dumber, Study Finds

Whining is not only annoying, but it's making you dumber. Credit: Getty Images
"But, Moooooom ... I don't wanna pick up my room."
"Mommy, pleeeeese get me some more juice. I'm soooo thirsty." "I'm borrrrred. Summer is sooo boring...
When it comes to annoying sounds, whining is at the top.

My Preschooler's Whining Is Making Me Crazy!

Dear AdviceMama, I have a 4-year-old son. What do you recommend when he whines? It drives me crazy, but when I try to get him to stop, he just does it more! Signed, Driven Crazy Mom Dear Driven Crazy Mom, I feel for you. While par...
A child's plaintive, repetitive whimpers can make even the most easy-going parents lose their patience.

Opinion: No More Sore Losers In Sports

Jaroslav Halak (41) shakes hands with Pal Grotnes (33) after the game between Slovakia and Norway during the XXI Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. Slovakia won 4-3. Credit: Cris Bouroncle, AFP / Getty Images
In our "win or bust", "you ...

Absentee Grandparents, Euna Lee, and More - Links We Love

Grandparents have their own lives, and sometimes it doesn't include their grandkids. CREDIT: Mee Lin Woon, sxc.hu
It might be summer, but in the northern states, there hasn't been a lot of beach weather this year. Here's how to handle a summer b...

Moms and tots: In conflict up to 20 times an hour

If someone asked me how many times a day my toddler and I butt heads, I'd answer "A million." But in all honesty, when I read about a recent study that looked into that exact issue, I was surprised. Researchers found that moms and toddlers argue up t...

How to halt the dreaded whining

Nolan is at my favourite stage yet. I know I keep saying it, but seriously this is really it: his eyes sparkle with mischief, his chubby hands still hold wisps of baby and yet he can tell me about the ball in his pockich, the fact that he is interest...

Poop: My daughter's newest delaying tactic

My daughter has never had a good relationship with going to sleep. Ever since she was a wee one, we've had issues with getting her to lay in bed, close her eyes and go to dream land. While things have gotten better as she has grown older (especially ...

What do you do with a mystery tantrum?

Nolan usually wakes up by rummaging happily in his crib, punctuating the sleepy morning silence with a "Ah? Uh-ah?" It's a sweet way to wake up, and I can't remember the last time we had to use an alarm clock, as he is very punctual in his 5:30 wake-...

Blogging Baby Sleepover, Wednesday, July 19

Today I am fed up. It is the middle of the worst summer of my life. My kids seem to be crawling all over me, sort of like sluggish wasps. The toddler doesn't want to nap, and has been screaming his feelings about said subject. I am sunburned from a f...


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