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Obama's kids "earn" their White House puppy

Yay! We have a new president elect. And you know what that means, right? I'm sure you're focused, as I was, on all the talk of the economy, healthcare and the war. But there was one more little thing Obama addressed in his acceptance speech that I ...

White House makes kids sick

I think every one knows the White House makes me sick these days, but it seems I'm not alone. A group of kids from a Southern California K-8 school were at the White House as part of an East Coast trip to visit historical sites in Washington, New Yor...

Iceland teen fools the White House

When we were kids, my siblings and I enjoyed making the occasional prank call. As much as we enjoyed it, we really weren't all that good at it. Or creative. We did the usual ''do you have Sr. Walter Raleigh in a can?' and 'is your refrigerator runnin...

Jenna Bush is engaged

President and Laura Bush have announced the engagement of their daughter, Jenna. The 25-year-old is marrying a man who will surely fit right in with the First Family. He's 28-year-old Henry Hager, a former White House aide who worked with Karl Rove. ...

Who are Sam Cheney's parents?

Stephen Bennett, a once gay man and founder of Stephen Bennett Ministries, an organization which encourages men and women to successfully and permanently overcome their unwanted same-sex attraction, apparently still gets all hot and bothered by gays....

Locking a baby in a hot car, where is the help?

One of our readers sent in this real life story about a mom who accidentally locked her 16 month-old baby in the car with the keys. As is the case with most every location in the country this summer, the afternoon was horribly hot. As soon as the mot...

Intriguing kid and parenting facts, brought to you by the BBC

The BBC ran a very interesting article recently called "100 Things We Didn't Know This Time Last Year" (thanks to /. for the link). Buried in  the list of errata are several intriguing parenting- and kid-related morsels. Did you know t...


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