Black and White Twins - Again

The odds against having twins, one of whom appears black and the other white, are astronomical at best. It would require a specific set of circumstances and a whole lot of luck. It's the sort of thing that, even if you were able to do it once, you co...

Holiday Light Debate - White Vs. Multicolor

OK, so now for a little bit of fodder. I was listening to the radio--yes, again, while stuck in traffic, AGAIN!--the other day and they were "debating" the merits of having only white lights on the Christmas tree versus using multi-color lights to ad...

Teacher Binds Girls' Hands and Feet to Teach About Slavery

I'm all for a hands-on teaching experience. I think kids can get so much more from touching, experimenting, and doing than they can from books and lectures. But when a hands-on moment humiliates a child, it's taking things way too far. A seventh-g...

Girl called racist for wearing Palin T-shirt

Ashleigh Jones got a lot more than she bargained for when she recently donned a "Go, Sarah, Go" T-shirt and wore it to school. The twelve-year-old Florida native was called a racist by her classmates at New Smyrna Beach Middle School. Jones had volu...

Red, white and blue foods!

Looking for an, er, interesting way to celebrate the 4th of July holiday this year? How about with food! Sure food will play a crucial role in your celebration--it generally does--but why not toss things up a bit this time around, and even make it f...

Considering race in adoption: Does it matter?

When considering adoption, how much thought or emphasis is placed on race? Well, that may have very much to do with the family planning on doing the adopting. To the adoption agencies who are supposed to be color blind because of a federal law, how...

Free book: How to be an anti-racist parent

A couple of years ago, Jared was playing with his Fisher-Price Little People (the old ones) and became upset when he couldn't find one of them. I asked him what he was looking for and he said "the black man! I can't find the black man!" Naturally, I ...


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