Anthony Field: The Blue Wiggle & Dad of 3 Discusses Hardships of Touring

Anthony Field with his kids Lucia, Maria and Antonio, plus his wife Miki. Courtesy of Anthony Field
Being famous comes with a lot of perks but there's a downside, too. Just ask Anthony Field, from the popular kiddie group The Wiggles. Ever si...

Exclusive: Yellow Wiggle Sam Moran Dishes on the Group's Newest Member

Sam Moran and his wife, Lyn, welcomed daughter Eloise to the family earlier this year. Credit: Photo courtesy Sam Moran
The Wiggles need to make a little more wiggle room inside the big red car. Sam Moran, the yellow Wiggle and lead singer ...

Opinion: SpongeBob is Living in My Brain ... And He Won't Leave!

SpongeBob Squarepants and Dora Explorer show up at a Minnesota Timberwolves basektball game. (And we didn't even know they were dating.) Credit: Getty Images
Sometimes we in the press must report depressing, even tragic, news. We don't enjoy telli...

The Wiggles top list of richest Aussie performers

Moms and dads of the under-5 set know them well. They're The Wiggles, the colorful, noisy, silly children's musical group from Australia. I remember the first time I saw them -- pre-motherhood -- and I thought, "What the heck? Are they for real?" But...

No TV for toddlers unless it is educational

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that children under two shouldn't be watching television at all and that older children should be limited in what and how long they watch. But a new study by University of Washington researchers has looked a li...

The Wiggles minus Greg

Kids who watch Blue Clues today probably have no idea that there used to be a guy named Steve on that show. When Steve left the show in 2002, I couldn't imagine that things would ever be the same for Blue and the gang. But the thing about little kids...

Lead Wiggle to leave the Wiggles (the yellow one)

They make more money than ACDC, Nicole Kidman, Kylie Monogue, and Paul Hogan put together, and that's thankfully just about all I know about the Wiggles. Oh, and they wear different-colored t-shirts. But the big news today in Wiggle-land is that the ...


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