'Disney Epic Mickey' Revives an Icon and Takes Video Game Storytelling to a New Level

Mickey Mouse meets his ancestors in the "Disney Epic Mickey" game. Credit: Disney Interactive Studios
"Disney Epic Mickey" (for Nintendo Wii, $39.99) Mickey Mouse may be the world's most recognizable cartoon character, but when was the last ti...
Mickey Mouse may be the world's most recognizable cartoon character, but when was the last time you thought of the guy as a hero?

Kinect Isn't the Only Game In Town: 3 More Innovations in Gaming

Microsoft's new Kinect system, which lets players control Xbox 360 games with nothing more than their own bodies, has justifiably made a big splash in the gaming world. But it's far from the only gaming innovation popping up this holiday season. Chec...These new games and devices make playing a video game a wholly new and different experience.

New Kinnect Games System: 10 Best (and Worst) Things About It

Clear the living room: It's video game time! Credit: Microsoft.
1. No controllers! In case you haven't seen the ads filled with images of people who appear to be playing charades while standing in front of their TV sets, Kinect is ...
Can a video game actually make you a better dancer?

Punch, Throw, Swing: Experts Touting Exercise Video Games

Kids are getting fit with the Wii and other video games. Credit: Alex Grimm, Getty Images
"Honey, I handed the kids the remote," is the new mantra of health-savvy moms and dads who are boasting "I told you so," to naysayers who once pooh-pooh...
Experts say the virtual reality of many games actually requires kids to work up a sweat and helps keep video game players in physical shape. They're regaling the benefits of Nintendo's "Wii Sports," Konami's "Dance Dance Revolution" and other video games that require players to go through motions to make their virtual counterparts perform.

Family Video Games: Two to Try, One to Avoid

If the kids are going to spend an afternoon in front of the Wii, you might as well join them. Gaming is becoming an increasingly popular way for kids and parents to bond and get in some quality time together. But finding the right games can be ...If the kids are going to spend an afternoon in front of the Wii, you might as well join them. And there may be a few games you might actually enjoy.

Contest Round-Up, Thumb Sucking, and Heidi Klum - Links We Love

Does thumb sucking need to be "cured?" Photo: Peter Skadberg, sxc.hu
Register for baby, win a Wii for yourself! Between now and September 15th, parents who register for baby gifts at Babies 'R Us or Toys 'R Us -- and include select Wii or Nint...

Pregnancy Skin, Kingston Rossdale on the Road and More - Links We Love

Gavin Rossdale takes Kingston on tour. Photo: Getty Images.
Newly pregnant, you might be wondering what those dark spots are on your face. It's called chloasma, or mask of pregnancy. Read about more ways your skin may change at Poked and Prodded....

PlaySavvy Helps Moms Learn About Video Games

Hate to say it folks (and I know I'm about to get hit), but fathers sometimes do know best about video games. There's a fair share of dads who know their way around a wireless controller. But how many moms do you know who actually play video games fo...

Wii - The Danger of Having Fun

Our big family gift this year is a Wii and it is taking all the restraint I can muster not to rip that package open and start playing with it right now. We are like the last people I know to get a Wii and I imagine we will spend a good portion of the...

Nintendo Wii guitars - Product Recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the recall of about 57,000 Rage Wireless Guitars due to a defective circuit board. If the AA batteries are installed incorrectly, the circuit board can cause them to leak, posing a risk of che...

Clue boardgame gets unneccessary update

What is it with the remakes? First every movie we've already seen, then all our favorite television programs (Mister Rogers is around the corner, I'm warning you) and now the boardgames. No, they turned Clue into a movie a long time ago--and it was...

Wii Games that should be invented

My kids have had school called off because of poor weather three times this week, and you know what? It's been pretty great! I've gotten to sleep in a bunch, have had help around the house, and the kids have barely tried to kill each other. I attrib...

Expert level of Guitar Hero mastered -video

If you have had just ten seconds of experience on Guitar Hero, you will be shocked and awed at the skill of this college guy shredding through the expert version of "Through the Fire and the Flames" on the Wii. Just watching is exhausting to my Easy ...


I grew with video games. I was born in 1969, so I was just after the pong craze, when the original Atari first entered the home video game market. I also went to arcades, which housed both nerds and drug users, with the occasionally nerdy drug user m...

Wee lad offers Wii to we who donate

Since he was about three, Tyler Strasser has been collecting items to give to the poor. This year, in an attempt to get more people to contribute to his toy drive, he offered up the chance to win a Nintendo Wii as an incentive. The Wii is the hot vid...


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