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ParentDish Olympics Update: Babies, Dads, Cigars and Beer

Canada's Marie-Philip Poulin, Kim St-Pierre and Charline Labonte drink beer on the ice with their gold medals after Canada defeated the USA in women's Olympic hockey final game on Feb. 25, 2010. Credit: Scott Gardner, The Canadian Press /...

Celeb Clan Close-Up: Wayne Gretzky and Family at the Olympics

Wayne Gretzky, right, strolls in downtown Vancouver, with wife, Janet Jones Gretzky, and son, Tristan, 9. Credit: DZILLA/
Great style: He's known as the greatest professional hockey player of all time, and has won a gazillio...

Our Fave Winter Olympics Moments Deliver Parenting Gold

Watching the Olympics is fun, and when you're a parent, it's impossible not to see parenting-related stories all over the slopes and the ice. Here's a round-up of ParentDish's top moments so far from the 2010 Winter Olympics. Speed-skater Apo...

How to Use the Olympics to Get Your Kids Motivated

The Olympics provide a great platform to get your kids moving and off the couch. My family loves to watch the figure skaters, hockey players, downhill skiers and snowboarders compete at the highest level for their country's pride and glory. My younge...

Build Your Own Inuksuk: Official Symbol of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Has your family caught Olympic fever? Ours sure has. The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics are taking place right here in Canada, and even though our family won't be travelling to see events live, Cabin Fever plans to mark the occasion in a special way....

Vancouver unveils 2010 Winter Olympics mascots

Vancouver has officially unveiled the mascots designed to represent the city and share the spirit of the 2010 Winter Olympic games and in my professional years-of-cartoon-watching opinion, I think they are adorable and going to be a huge hit for amon...

Happy Father's Day, Dad

In most households it is the mother who gets the lion's share of the parenting glamor. The skinned knees, night time sick duty, monitoring sibling squabbles. Such was the case in my house as I was growing up. My father had his own business that requi...

Olympic skiier announces pregnancy, retires

Italian alpine skiier Isolde Kostner, at age 30, was one of the country's greatest hopes for Olympic gold in Torino. But today she announced her retirement from the sport. The timing may be a little sudden, but she has a good reason: she's pregnant. ...


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