Missing Three Year Old Found Alive After Two Days

A three-year-old Missouri boy was found unharmed in the woods after wandering away from home on Monday. Photo courtesy of sxc.hu.
Here's a nice story for you.
Three year old Joshua Childers wandered away from his house at 11:30 am Monday morn...

Puppies Save Boy Lost in Forest

When three-year-old Jaylynn Thorpe wandered away from his babysitter last Friday night, his grandparents (who are also his guardians) were frantic ... with good reason. With winter-like temperatures dipping into the teens, they knew that a helpless c...

Why take kids camping

I love camping. Being out amidst the trees, the rocks, and, yes, even the dirt is relaxing and comforting to me. If I could live in the woods year-round, I would. Not everyone is quite the Grizzly Adams type that I am, however. If you've got kids, th...

Summer camp memories

As the end of summer slowly approaches (and it would have to given the unbelievable heat), I find myself thinking about my favorite memories of summers past. The part of me that will always be a kid resurfaces every summer to reminisce about summer...

Tiger Woods relishing fatherhood

You win the Masters four times, the Open Championship and PGA Championship three times each, and the U.S. Open a couple of times, and what's left? What could possibly be a challenge for you? What could possibly hold your interest after all that? Hmmm...

What is the deal with camping?

Yesterday, as I headed home from a trip downtown, I worried about the time. It was nearly five o'clock, which meant that I was going to get stuck in rush hour traffic and spend at least an hour just sitting on the freeway. I don't like to sit on the ...

Tiger Woods is a dad

"I have always wanted to be a dad," said golfing legend Tiger Woods last December, when he announced his wife, a Swedish model and former nanny, was pregnant. Today she gave birth to their daughter, Sam Alexis. It seems celebrity babies are popping o...

Tiger Woods to be a daddy

Often when reporting celebrity pregnancies, I'm secretly thinking "oh, no, that is going to be one screwed up kid," so it's nice when, from time to time, I hear about a pregnant couple that seem like they'll be fantastic parents. This is the case wi...


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