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Dads Want Workplace Flexibility, Too, Expert Says

When I wrote last week about workplace flexibility and my frustration that so many mothers have to drop out of their careers because of the lack of it, you had a lot to say. Some of you have experienced the same frustration, while others vented th...Workplace flexibility isn't just a "mommy" problem.

Why Are Companies Still So Inflexible With Working Mothers?

Many years ago, I commuted every day, 45 minutes each way, to downtown Atlanta for my job. I was fortunate that I could afford to put my son in a top-notch day care facility, one that he and I both loved. The day care had a very low ratio of babie...Why is it so important to companies that everyone work in the same place at the same time?

How to stop checking email when you should be hanging with the family

I'm guilty of it: the furtive Saturday-morning email check, done between sips of coffee as I guiltily let Nolan crunch and apple and watch fifteen minutes of ear-grating Barney. And I'm also guilty of obsessive Blackberry checking: during a recent wa...

A little help with the housework?

My friend Erin (we shall call her Erin, lest she be crucified alive by indignant house cleaners) has a housekeeper. Erin is gleefully single, with no children, a thirty-something career woman with glossy locks and an active social calender. She was h...

Work at home mom

I have recently discovered that no, I cannot have it all. OK, I read the books and ingested the advice that insisted that Motherhood is a precarious balancing act, whatever acronym you choose: WAHM, SAHM, career mom, or any deviation thereof. But som...

Elizabeth Vargas on balancing kids and work

A synchronous work/life balance is one of the most important issues in my life at the moment. I'm drawn to books, movies, TV programs and magazine articles that dish on how to be a good Mom while sumultaneously filling career duties and aspirations. ...

Struggling to balance work/life

I am having a hard time balancing this work/life thing. I am discovering what millions of mothers have known long before me: there is no such thing as having it all. Or at least, I can't do it all gracefully.l I feel like someone is constantly being ...

When to stay home from work

As I wrote earlier today, Nolan isn't feeling well. He has a low grade fever, very little appetite, and he's heart wrenchingly cuddly - so different from the little boy who is normally in perpetual motion. Nolan's dad just started a new job; I've onl...

Dads prefer work to family time?

I must admit that there have been times during this parenting gig where I've wondered why Nolan's Dad's life doesn't seem to have been turned upside down. He seems to be able to drink his coffee, play sports, socialize with his buddies, work 40 hour...

Secret work culture

Shortly after giving birth to Nolan, I noticed all kinds of things I'd never noticed before. There was suddenly a family change room at my favourite mall, for example. I could have sworn it was invisible before. All of a sudden, other parents gave m...


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