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Moms and Drinking: Secret After-Hour Addictions of Working Mothers

Moms are good at hiding their drinking. Credit: Getty Images
Is it "wine-o'clock" yet?" is a cry heard among many moms after a rough day with the kids, the boss and, in many cases, both. But a new study says a startling number of working mothe...
More moms are drinking their stresses away -- and keeping it a secret.

Moms More Likely to Be Primary Breadwinner and Primary Caretaker, Survey Finds

Unlike the iconic June Cleaver, today's mom is likely to earn more than Dad, but still does most of the housework. Credit: AP photo/file
The recent death of actress Barbara Billingsley, best known as '50s TV mom June Cleaver, has sparked new conv...
Today's mom brings home the bacon, fries it up, cleans it up and feeds the kids.

Feeling Guilty About Being a Working Mom? You're Not Alone

Working mother often means mommy guilt. But you're not alone. Credit: Getty
It's just a fact of life: Many mothers need to work. A lot of them even want to work. But that doesn't mean they don't feel guilty about leaving their little ones for t...

Opinion: Dads Can Stay Home With the Kids, Too

Working mothers shouldn't be the only ones making sacrifices. Credit: Getty Images
Discussions of successful women always seem to include the notion of being forced to make a choice: time with the kids, or career advancement. Parents should con...

AOL Great Place For Working Moms (We don't wanna brag, but...)

If we're blushing today, it's for good reason -- AOL was included on the Working Mother 100 Best Companies 2009 list. While we normally don't like to toot our own horn, we're setting modesty aside to tell you just why Working Mother magazine t...

Gyllenhaal puts parenting skills to work

There's a lot to appreciate Maggie Gyllenhaal for--she's a great actor who tackles thoughtful roles. Perhaps the producers of her new movie appreciate her even more now that she's a mom. Gyllenhaal recently used her parenting skills on the set o...

Mostly moms missing work when kids stay home

If both parents work outside of the home and a childcare situation arises - sick kids, school closing, babysitter didn't show - who do you think is most likely to miss work to care for that child? Despite the evidence that fathers are playing a large...

What do stay-at-home moms do all day?

Today my favorite advice columnist, Carolyn Hax, responds to a reader's question about just what exactly a stay-at-home mom does all day. The reader, a childless woman, wrote Carolyn a letter in which she complains that her stay-at-home mom friend is...

Head of design house Chloé leaves to be a stay-at-home mother

Phoebe Philo is, at 32, the head designer at Chloé but the pressure of balancing a marriage and baby in London and a fast-paced job in fashion in Paris has gotten to be too much. The company moved the design studio in an effort accomodate Phil...

YummyMummy -- job posting website for moms

Oh honey, I am LOVIN' this:  from our Tipline, Sarah Fowles introduces us to her website, -- a job posting website designed to help "professional women who are either returning to their careers after taking a break to ...


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