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Working Moms Don't Hurt Their Kids, Study Says

Credit: Getty Images
You can stop feeling guilty if you work away from your kids during the day.
Well, a little less guilty, anyway. You are a mother. A certain amount of guilt is part of the job description. If not freedom from ...
Report comes as good news for guilt-ridden working moms.

Australian Women Pay High Price for Maternity Leave

Credit: Getty Images
Australian women can take maternity leave, but they pay heavily for it -- sometimes for three years after their babies are born.
The Sydney Morning Herald reports they are paid less than women who don't take mat...
After being back at work for a year, women who took maternity leaves were paid an average of 4.4 percent less than other women.

Why Are Companies Still So Inflexible With Working Mothers?

Many years ago, I commuted every day, 45 minutes each way, to downtown Atlanta for my job. I was fortunate that I could afford to put my son in a top-notch day care facility, one that he and I both loved. The day care had a very low ratio of babie...Why is it so important to companies that everyone work in the same place at the same time?

Study Links Working Moms to Fat Kids

Moms who work may have heavier kids. Credit: Getty All you working mothers can quit feeling guilty about leaving your children as you head to the office. The kids are fat and happy. Well, fat anyway. Researchers say the more ye..."Mommy's working late again. Can we have Twinkies for dinner like last night?"

Wake-Up Call: Moms Are Losing a Lot More Sleep Than Dads

Getting up with the baby all night might help you bond, but it won't help you get ahead in your career. Credit: Getty Images
Mothers of young children don't get enough sleep because they are frequently getting out of bed to cries of, "Mooooommy!"...
A study finds that a mother's sleep gets interrupted more than a father's sleep.

Moms More Likely to Be Primary Breadwinner and Primary Caretaker, Survey Finds

Unlike the iconic June Cleaver, today's mom is likely to earn more than Dad, but still does most of the housework. Credit: AP photo/file
The recent death of actress Barbara Billingsley, best known as '50s TV mom June Cleaver, has sparked new conv...
Today's mom brings home the bacon, fries it up, cleans it up and feeds the kids.

Good News for Working Mothers: Going Back to Work Doesn't Harm the Kids

It's OK to go back to work. Seriously. Credit: Getty Images
It's settled: Working mothers don't need to feel guilty about going back to work. A review of nearly 70 studies conducted over 50 years shows that children whose mothers went back to ...
Want or need to go back to work after baby arrives? A new report says that's just fine.

Moms, Your Kids Are Just Fine, Now Get Back to Work, Researchers Say

Stop feeling guilty about going to work. Credit: Getty Images
If you feel guilty about leaving your kids in someone else's care while you go off to work, here's some good news: Your kids are getting along just fine without you. Researchers at ...

Opinion: Dads Can Stay Home With the Kids, Too

Working mothers shouldn't be the only ones making sacrifices. Credit: Getty Images
Discussions of successful women always seem to include the notion of being forced to make a choice: time with the kids, or career advancement. Parents should con...

Alyson Schafer: On Mealtimes, Mishaps and Life as a Parent Educator

Alyson Schafer is a Toronto-based psychotherapist, parenting expert and mother of two teens, Zoe (15) and Lucy (14). She's the author of Breaking The Good Mom Myth and Honey I Wrecked The Kids, and the host of call-in TV program The Parenting Show. P...

Dr. Laura Schlessinger on Working Moms

Dr. Laura feels sorry for working moms. Image:
Just in time for Mother's Day, Dr. Laura Schlessinger has released a new book titled "In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms." In this, her sixteenth book, Schlessinger urges mothers to eschew car...

Are You a Mousewife?

When I was growing up, I knew very few kids who had moms working outside the home. With the exception of a few girls with divorced parents (also rare), just about everybody I knew came home to a full-time mother who relied solely on her husband to su...

The Return of the 1950's Housewife

There was a time when stay-at-home moms looked to be on the verge of extinction. After being told that not only could they have it all, but that they should also want it tall, more and more women left their families and went out into the workplace to...

Moms in Politics

Do mothers have a place in politics or do they have too much on their hands to be able to handle such an important task? Are we better off choosing public servants who can devote their whole lives to their task or can the government be run by people ...

Janet Napolitano "Perfect" Because She's Not a Mom

Remember when your mother used to tell you that if couldn't say something nice you shouldn't say anything at all? Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is wishing he had thought of that; last week, Rendell was caught on a live microphone saying that Arizo...


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