Opinion: Dads Can Stay Home With the Kids, Too

Working mothers shouldn't be the only ones making sacrifices. Credit: Getty Images
Discussions of successful women always seem to include the notion of being forced to make a choice: time with the kids, or career advancement. Parents should con...

Pregnant Women Say They're Often Exposed to Workplace Hazards

Credit: Getty Images
A new study of working women in Spain reports that 62 percent say they are frequently exposed to some physical risk in their place of work: noise, high temperatures or humidity, vibrations or radiation and electromagnetic fie...

Jobs For Laid Off Moms and Dads

Like so many folks in this troubled economy, Ms. L. was laid off recently. Unlike some people, she was able to find employment, albeit in a very different field. Ms. L. used to be a vice president at Chase. Now she's a nanny, being paid off the bo...

ABC's 20/20 story on breastfeeding, follow up

I watched ABC's 20/20 episode, which I mentioned in a post yesterday. Right before it came on, I got a comment on that post from Linda Doty, saying she had the TV on, so I emailed her and asked her what time zone she was in. It turns out that we live...


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