High School Wrestler Allegedly Crosses Line Between 'Butt Grab' and OMG!

Preston Hill, suspended from school for a wrestling move he did on a teammate, with his mother, Kristen Hill, shows medals he's won in wrestling since the fourth grade. Credit: John Walker, The Fresno Bee / ZUMA Press
Whoa! Is this a wrestling ...
High school wrestler's "butt grab" allegedly goes waaay too far.

Cage fighting for kids: Appropriate or no?

Looking for an extra-curricular activity for your little one? Why not try cage fighting? Of course, it may be illegal in 49 states, but if you live in Missouri then you're all set! I'm just not sure what to make of it. When grown men engage in a cage...

Hooligans for lunch

"They're being kids, lady. Take a chill pill." That's what the man said after Rachel asked him to ask his kids to sit down. We were on our way to Calistoga for a few days rest and relaxation with Rachel's kin and had stopped to get some lunch. We end...

Teacher bites students who give him wedgie

If half-a-dozen 200lbs high school wrestlers tried to give you a wedgie, what would you do? A teacher decided to defend himself by biting one of the wrestlers on the thigh, and it's got him in big trouble. The state of Oregon called his actions a "g...

Rehab for Britney?

We all knew where this was heading. The world's most famous mommy, who recently passed out from drunkenness fell asleep at a New Year's Party, is rumored to have checked into a ritzy spa for "some R&R." Is this just rehab in disguise? Spears ch...


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